Multiplayer is a feature in Drag Racing. You need internet connection to race in Multiplayer. It is also a substitute for the Pro League. You can choose between 1/4 mile or 1/2 mile race. There are 3 options in Multiplayer: Face to Face, Drivers Battle, and Bet and Race.

Face to Face Edit

Racing in a Face to Face race is straightforward. The game will choose an opponent for you. Regardless of the investments you've made, you will face different cars with different upgrades. For example, you race against the Ford Mustang. Winning the race will earn you some cash and RP. You can challenge a random opponent online.

Drivers Battle Edit

Drivers Battle is a type where if you don't have a very good car, this is also a great option. the game will choose a random racer, but in a different way. You will challenge a random racer in his/her own car. They will be the same upgrades, so there is a 50% chance you will either win or lose the race. Using strategies will win you the race, and the rewards are the same, but less RP this time. Take advantage of this feature if you don't have a very good car, just like I've stated it before.

Bet and Race Edit

Bet and Race is the fastest way to earn RP. There may be rumors that racing in a Pro League is the fastest way to earn RP, but that is not true. You need to bet, and if you win, you get the twice the RP. For example, you bet 75 RP, and if you win, you get 150 RP. To earn the most RP, watch a video if you want 750 RP every time you win a Bet and Race. You will need an upgraded and tuned car for this option. You don't get cash, but the real thing is you still get cash. Race in a 1/4 mile race for the fastest RP winnings and best results.