Summary Edit

  • Pro League is the most competitive mode in Drag Racing, which allows up to 10 players to race simultaneously.
  • Players then receive cash, RP and rank bonuses based on their place in the standings.

Rewards Edit

  • Players who place 9 or higher receive increasing cash bonuses, while players placed 6 and above are also awarded RP.
  • Cash and RP bonuses also scale with the race level.
  • In Random mode, cash multiplier is based on the player's most expensive car, e.g. if your most expensive car is at level 8 you will receive the same amount of money in Random as in a level 8 PL race.

Ranking Edit

  • Pro League ranking is designed to reflect the player's relative strength on each level.
  • The amount of rank points you gain or lose depends on your opponents 'rank - you will gain a lot for defeating high-ranking players, and vice versa.

Downshifting Edit

  • Is not allowed in Pro League races, except Random mode.
  • The reason for this is the emergence of various tricks involving downshifting.

Timeouts Edit

  • Whenever you enter a Pro League race, you have to complete it within allocated time.
  • If you fail to submit the result before time runs out for any reason [incl. network failure and leaving/suspending the app], you will 'time out' and receive a rank penalty.
  • The rank penalty was removed and you now lose a rank (-1) every time you time out.

Disqualification [DQ] Edit

  • Drag Racing uses an anti-cheat system that features a server-side validation of races.
  • Disqualification is a consequence of failed validation, which can be caused by modifying game data files, network traffic, or using specific tricks.
  • If you believe that you are getting DQ'd for no reason, please contact support and we will investigate it.
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