Here is the Renault Clio V6 Sport tune. It works great on 1/2 mile races. Also great for 1 mile races, but keep that in mind that this tune may not be the best for 1 mile races. The best time I've got so far is 19.624. Feel free to use my tune if you're stuck.

Upgrades Edit

Engine: 1

Turbo: 1

Intake/Exhaust: 1

Nitrous Oxide Kit: 0

Weight Reduction: 5

Wheels and Tires: 2

Here is a shorter version of the upgrades:


Tunes Edit

N20 duration: -

Final Drive: 3.500

1st Gear: 2.840

2nd Gear: 2.090

3rd Gear: 1.655

4th Gear: 1.370

5th Gear: 1.194

6th Gear: 1.060

Instructions Edit

  1. Hold the pedal until the 3rd yellow light, then let go. It will say "Perfect Launch" if you time it correctly.
  2. For the best results, do perfect shifts (green).
  3. Keep doing perfect shifts until you've finished the race.

Have fun! Need any help? Comment below!

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